#BardWeek #repost of #compendiumclasses I did that fit the bard really well.

#BardWeek #repost of #compendiumclasses I did that fit the bard really well.

#BardWeek #repost of #compendiumclasses I did that fit the bard really well.

The Maestro. Owning a Bar fits the Bard better then any other class I think.


The Lighthearted Trickster. Fitting the pacifist bard as well as the trickster really well.


The Jack of all trades. Because the Bard already fits the archetype and is the master of Multiclassing!


Crane Archer. Maybe not directly obvious but e AA offers a lot of flexibility and utility to fire arrows that are useful to the party right now.


Soul Gambler. Performers gambling for their soul to be better performers are also a well known trope, at a gambling bards anyway.