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  1. From my Eberron Book:

    Changeling: When you are Charming and Open with someone and wear the form of someone from their homeland, you can ask another question for free.

    Gnome: You are obsessed with knowledge. Choose another bardic lore area of expertise.

    Just made up:

    Halfling: Your art keeps everyone feeling happy and healthy. When you perform your arcane art to heal someone, roll twice and take the better result on the healing.

    Dwarf: You have been allowed to study in the Library of the Stone-King. In addition to your other area of expertise, you are an expert in the Grand Histories of the World.

    Orc: You sing the war-songs of your forebears. You can add +1d6 damage Forward with your arcane art instead of +1d4.

  2. From Mondo Sotterraneo number 1, Mare Monstrum:


    Add this to the effects of Arcane Art:

    Choose any number of targets can listen to you. You unleash in their an uncontrolled and chaotic explosion of emotion. Choose: anger, lust, joy or sorrow.

  3. from Mare Monstrum:

    The following moves are not racial moves but origin moves. Origins replace the Races. 

    This moves (also the Satyr) are designed to give a Mediterranean flavor to the game. 


    When you ask the muses to inspire your own composition, the muses will tell you what they want in return. If you pay, your next roll on the Arcane Art is a 10+.


    You are an actor and you’re used to being in front of a large audience. When you get 10 + on Arcane Art, you can decide to choose one from the list of 7-9; if you do, your effect act on more allies of your choice

  4. i feel like the actor should more be a diletante/self taught origin. They are more willing to work a bit sloppy to get extra effect. Something a “properly trained” bard would never do. 

  5. there was a cool racial move I read somewhere (maybe on some version of the monk?). It allowed the PC to use any racial move from another PC, as long as the two share a bond. I feel like it could apply to a bard dilettante, and that would be a great move for an old (D&D 3.5 I guess) prestige class I used to love: the Chameleon!

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