So, Dungeon World and old D&D Gazetteers.

So, Dungeon World and old D&D Gazetteers.

So, Dungeon World and old D&D Gazetteers. I just rediscovered the D&D Gazetteer printed in 2000 (a very brief summary of the greyhawk campaign setting with a cool map), which was one of the first rpg handbooks I ever saw and which I fell in love with. We never actually used it at the time (or, not how it was supposed to be used anyway), but it sparkled lots of ideas in our heads. I think a lot of my love for rpgs awakened with that handbook and now I sense I could put it to good use with DW. You know, it’s all very vague but sort of atmospheric, with lots of blank spaces to fill in.

What are your experiences with this kind of products and dungeon world?

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  1. I have a copy of “The adventurer’s guide to eberron”, the $10, rules-less, ultra-slim bit of fluff that wizards of the coast put out when when Eberron changed to 4e. I figure it’d be an excellent sourcebook for running Eberron World.

  2. Hell yes! Although I didn’t find it all that rigid. My Traladaran thief came from a struggling family – this was the first time my PC had a completely thought out family history and the DM used it to fuel a lot of our adventures.

    Its not so much the system that was added, so much/as the inspiration from all the content. Take out some details and leave room to “fill in the blanks” and they would be perfect for DW… At least, that’s what I am hoping!

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