5 thoughts on “Did anyone ever do something with Auras in Dungeon World?”

  1. I made an alternate Paladin move that was an aura. Wouldn’t mind some feedback: 

    Aura of Thorns 

    When you take a moment and pray for divine protection, roll+CHA.

    ✴On a 10+: When you or an ally you can see takes damage from an opponent, that opponent takes 1d4 damage that ignores armor.

    ✴On a 7-9: As a 10+ but you take -1 ongoing while you maintain the aura. 

    The aura ends when you lose concentration on maintaining it’s effect. 

  2. The battlemind’s stances would be a good place to start , I think. I could see several of those reflavored to be auras of a sort already. I don’t know how to make it extend to other players, however.

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