Bluff and parley:

Bluff and parley:

Bluff and parley:

If your leverage is a bluff you have a neat situation. On a 10+ It’s all okay but you need to come back to it later, creating potential problems in the future. If you roll a 7-9 they need assurance right now, probarbly exposing your bluff. On a6- well, you know who that ends…

So in a way bluffing is a really cool way to parley but also more dangerous.

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  1. I always just think of the leverage in a bluff as whether or not the target think this is plausible or likely (or just flat out has no reason to disbelieve you). If that is the case, roll for it.

    On a 10+ I assume they just believe you, but you are right on the account that lies can come back to haunt you 🙂

    7-9 results are tricky, because they don’t mean you fail, but somehow the target knows something’s up. I think this is a good time to make a “tell them the requirements or consequences and ask”. This could be to bring a new element into play:

    Avon has just hidden the corpse of some guard inside a closet, when another guard enters

    Guard: Hey. Where’s Mithas?

    Avon: Yeah, your buddy just went out, sorry…

    Avon rolls 8 on Parley

    Guard: What’s that? Why is there blood on the floor?

    Avon: Ehh… He got a violent nosebleed and ran out to fetch some cloth!

    Guard: Oh! Well, if you see him, could tell him that the sarge’ is looking for him? Something about a tavern brawl…

    Avon: I sure will!

  2. Parley is bluff, intimidate, bargain, and seduce all rolled into one. Basically when you want something from someone without murdering them for it. I love it as a move, especially when players get creative about getting leverage over someone. 

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