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  1. The Dark Power is always willing to help 

    When you call on the dark power to help you in a crisis it will but it gains one hold over you. At any time it can spend this hold to give you a temptation. If you give in to its demand get 1 XP. If you don’t roll to Defy the Danger of its influence over you. 

  2. Additional Moves 

    Devils Advocate 

    When an ally comes to you asking for advice on what to do and you tell them what the dark power wants them to do instead of what you think is the best idea and they do it, both of you get 1 XP. 

    Willing accomplice 

    When you advance the agenda of the Dark Power on your own, without a prompt from it, it looses 1 hold on you. 

  3. I love playing that stuff, which means the Pirate World kickstarter (going live 1st November) has: Cultist, Heretic, Necromancer, Cannibal, Demon-Dealer, and a bunch of other morally-ambiguous stuff to do with evil gods.

    Four options for full classes that that immediately spring to mind, though that’s probably because three are mine! I’m sure there’s more out there.

    First off is the Warlock by Funhaver Industries (DTRPG, $1.99)

    Features a cool “sell your soul for a demonic servant” deal.


    My Reefmonger (summons nightmarish creatures and communes with Elder Gods at the cost of their own sanity):


    Or there’s my Avatar, who worships volatile gods and gets possessed quite a lot!

    Third up is my Fanatic, which does crazy things in the name of whatever daft god/ ideal/ laws they follow, pretty easy to twist into following demonic powers etc.

  4. thanks James Hawthorne , but I was looking for some compendium classes, not a full class (but the reefmonger is cool!)

    Tim Franzke I was looking for something more on physical power

  5. I totally missed on my first read! Edited in a comment, but that was while you were typing. Gist of it is: yes! Cultist, Necromancer, Cannibal, Heretic, Demon-Whisperer. If it can’t wait until Nov 1st , give a shout and I’ll chuck a preview copy of one over 🙂

  6. I did a move like this (rather than a compendium class) associated with some Demon Masks, but you could easily just make it “the dark forces” or whatever.  The fine folks at somethingawful helped me with the wording.  Maybe there’s some part of it that you could use?

    Using a Demon Mask

    When you channel your will through a Demon mask, roll +Wis.

    On a 10+, the mask helps you in a way that fits its nature.

    (The masks are based on fairly simple traits – Deception, Gluttony, Hatred, Cruelty, and so on.)

    On a 7-9, the mask helps you in a way that fits its nature.  In addition, pick two of the following.

    – The mask doesn’t ask for a favor in return.

    – You do not gain a Corruption Point.

    – You do not draw the attention of the mask’s master.

    On a 6-

    The effect goes awry as the mask entirely interprets your request. In addition, gain a Corruption Point as well as an experience point.

    Special note:

    When wearing a Demon Mask, on a 6- on any roll (not just using the Demon Mask), and if your corruption points are less than half your wisdom:

    The mask will provide advice about what you should do next.  If you follow this advice, take a +1 on that action – but gain another corruption point.

    Corruption Points:

    As corruption points accumulate, the personality of the mask may affect its wearer.

    When a character has corruption points equal to half their Wisdom, then the personality of the mask bleeds over to its mask – even if the mask is lost or removed.

    When the character has corruption points equal to three-quarters their Wisdom, the mask is a constant input on their decisions. It can be consulted for advice at any time, but no longer provides the +1 bonus. 

    When the character has equal to their Wisdom score in corruption points, the mask and its wearer have become fused.  Only the most powerful of magic could separate them, and the wearer will never be fully free of the mask’s mark.

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