18 thoughts on “A short hack. Actually, a one-liner”

  1. Classes should also be renamed. The Fighter could be renamed to “The One-Man-Army”, the Wizard could become “The Magelord”, a paladin could be “The Chosen”.

    Next one-shot plays be these rules.

    F*** yeah!

  2. I like that everything in Dungeon World goes horribly, horribly wrong fairly quickly, so I’d probably not drop 6- results myself, but it sounds awesome for a one-off!

  3. World of Dungeons is the fake retroclone predecessor to Dungeon World by John Harper. It introduces Skills to the basic 2d6+stat move economy we’re all used to. The way they work is: if you have a skill, you never get worse than a soft hit, but the GM makes a hard move like usual.

  4. I do this very often in dungeon world. It works a lot for me. When the fighter hacks’n’slashes for 6- and I reply with “well please, by all means, roll your damage anyway” he does that oh-crap face knowing that something way worse than damage is coming for him.

  5. I want to note, there’s no reason why you must fail when you roll 6-. The GM decides what happens, so at their discretion you may still succeed at your original action (while all hell breaks lose otherwise ;)).

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