A couple of simple Moves questions.

A couple of simple Moves questions.

A couple of simple Moves questions.

1. Can a Move be awarded for actions during the game?  For example – You have saved the Princess. When you are in the kingdom and call upon the king, he will send aid?

2. Can a player acquire a Move during a session?

3. I’ve several custom moves where, rather than giving a +1, the threshold for failure has been lowered, i.e., Treat any total of 6 as 7. Does this “half bonus” seem too excessive or out of place?

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  1. 1. Sure.

    2. Acquiring new moves is most typically awarded during Level Up. Can you think of a situation that would give a new Move in the middle of a session?

    3. That’s kind of weak. Instead, there are some advanced moves that treat 6- as 7-9. Check out “Extremely Cautious” for the Thief.

  2. Peter Johansen the idea behind treat 6 as 7 is that is decreases the chance of failure without increasing the chance of total success (as +1 or 6- as 7-9). I usually use “6 as 7″ when bundling several moves into a custom move. For example, ” You are Lord of all You Survey – Westhold is a human dominated land and most things in it exist to fulfill your race’s needs. When you Carouse, Supply or Recruit treat any total of 6 as 7.”

  3. Pretty much what Johnstone Metzger said. That said, +1s are the least interesting thing to do with magic items or custom moves. Look at using these moves to change what is possible, or what happens in the fiction.

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