1 world, 3 gm’s, party’s… a two player triplett.

1 world, 3 gm’s, party’s… a two player triplett.

1 world, 3 gm’s, party’s… a two player triplett.

Has anyone done something like this before?  We are all 3 new DW players… and while I’ve read post’s havent read much of the book itself.  I got the gyst of the system, moves, GM moves and we threw in and started from there.  We’re growing our world by every 2-3 games switching GM’s and Characters.

Currently it’s two seperate, storylines in a similar place.  I dunno what the third storyline will be yet.  I’m just wondering if anyone has advice about what pitfalls may danger a game like this?

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  1. I’ve done several shared campaigns – although not with DW.  There are no particular pitfalls so long as all of the GMs are cool with dealing with whatever the other’s leave in place.  Generally, the most vexing part for most people tends to be that the GMs’ characters are earning less experience over the long haul than the other characters and so tend to fall behind a little (when I’ve done this it’s been with a single party of characters, so the players who are also GMs have their characters “sit out” when it’s their turn to run).

    Typically, the settings gets a lot more “meat” on it than a single GM setting does, but sometimes the various pieces can be a little weird to fit together (off course, that exercise can be entertain as well). 

  2. Since this is 3 people playing 3 seperate party’s,  all character experiance will be on a game per game basis,  when one player’s character isnt gaining xp, his party member isnt either.   Part of the reason for this is to showcase all the classes. (well 6 of them atleast).

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