4 thoughts on “So, tell me your stories when the paladin in your group gained possession of Argo-Thaan, Holy Avenger.”

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    Although at this point I’m taking for granted very few people, if any, toyed with Argo-Thaan an none of them is interested in sharing their experiences with it 🙁

  2. Our Paladin had it during a combat. The Paladin had changed gods, from the god of light to the Great Gator. After the party killed five knights of the God of Light, aforementioned deity then sent an Angel to deal justice to his erstwhile Paladin. 

    At some point, the Paladin forced the Angel to drop the sword and he held it — and it was The Holy Avenger!

    While we eventually had a talk with the Angel and went our separate ways, for those few moments the Paladin had the power of the Holy Avenger.

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