10 thoughts on “http://www.rpgnow.com/product/120461/Pirates-A-Dungeon-World-Sourcebook”

  1. Arrrrr! This is horrible timing for me; #pirateworld, that I’ve essentially worked on for about a year, is coming out in two weeks. Damn and blast! Thankfully I reckon my kickstarter covers an absolute ton, but this is still a nasty kick in the teeth.

  2. Magi max Yes it is. Never saw it! The Blackadder font  is very piratey so expect to see it all over pirate stuff. 🙂

    The cover art is for a 1911 (I think) edition of Treasure Island. So you’ll see that around also! (I am a big fan of both NC Wyeth and Howard Pyle, the vintage artists I recruited for this project…)

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