So I found this article. GMless Dungeon World?

So I found this article. GMless Dungeon World?

So I found this article. GMless Dungeon World?

Osimus: “The minotaur is charging you, Gayle! What do you do?”

Gayle: “Haha! I hold my spear up in an attempt to use its weight against it!”

[Rolls a 11 on H&S, chooses a d6 bonus damage]

Patheyr: “And the spear makes a neat hole right through its chest, but unfortunately it didn’t stop it. Even as it dies, it crashes into you, and you take…”

[Rolls 8 on d10+1]

Osimus: “… 8 damage and a nasty tumble. It lands on top of you. What do you do about that Patheyr? Gayle obviously isn’t strong enough to push himself free?”

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  1. You may be interested in Mythic + Dungeon World.  Mythic allows you to play RPGs without a GM or even as a single player writing exercise.  It has a number of features but the root of it is to ask a yes no question and roll dice for the likelihood of the outcome.

    Example: The character must break into a house to steal the Malice Falcon. 

    I listen for sound at the door do I hear anything?  (Dice say no)

    I test the door is it locked (Dice say no)

    I carefully open the door, is there anyone in the room (Consider it unlikely as there was no sound, apply a modifier then roll, but the dice say yes)

    Why was the room silent, is the person asleep? (Yes)

    Is this a bedroom?  (consider it likely due to the sleeping person modify then roll: yes)

  2. This could totally work. If you’re going around the table, it means that each player would be in charge of narrating for another player. Not sure it’d be a good thing.

    Also, you’d have to figure out fronts and long term planning. You’d need to start with no prep and build the story using for example sticky notes.

  3. Mystic Empyrean does this sort of round-robin GMing. Everyone takes turns asking questions and answering them to describe the scene, as Kasper Brohus described, but once the action starts, one person takes over as the main GM arbiter for that scene. I think this may help address the problems that David Silverman mentioned.

  4. Kasper Brohus, it works better in AW where each player has a dedicated set of Fronts, so they run anything that relates to that Front.

    I am looking to run it in Urban Shadows dependent on what Faction you are convening with. 

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