Well, this is it.

Well, this is it.

Well, this is it.

The Italian crowfounding campaign reached 9833 € a few moments ago, ufficialy surpassing the French one.

We can now enjoy some traditional witty reaprteé with our cousins from beyond the Alps.

I can start being a total troll and all-around jerckass and then some French will have the permission to headbutt me.

Or I can complain about the Treaty of Campoformio and someone could remind me that without Napoleon we Italian would still be an Austrian colony.

Sky is the limit.

Then we will end celebrating with our respective cheeses and wines, only to start a new fight about the natural qualities of both.

We can keep going for centuries! XD


11 thoughts on “Well, this is it.”

  1. Oh, come on. Lyon is in Rhône-Alpes, that is pretty much France-Italy, and Piedmont is pretty much Italy-France!

    You are cheating! Try to mix someone from Paris with someone from Milan.

    But do it far away from me. They will probably fight an epic battle only to find to be kindred spirits at the end of it and mixing in a single terrible entity of great maliciousness that neither Italians or French would tolerate and that will end destroying the world! THE WORLD!!!!

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