2 thoughts on “Day five of Adventure ideas. I got a fever, and the only cure is more moves!”

  1. Edit: very light-hearted tone, here. Questions are good! This is not a stern voice of condemnation.

    On Day Four the questions were all very personal, directed at the Character and what the Character knows. Those are excellent questions, because we aren’t really asking the Player about the game world, we’re asking the Character about their experiences and perceptions (physical, or notions).

    On Day Five — the first question is really addressed to the Players. After all, the characters cold only surmise how the King heard about them.

    Likewise, the final question — Hill Giant Economy? Quite possibly something somebody will Spout Lore about during play, but possibly not something the Characters would know. Or maybe they would.

    “What great treasure have you heard the Hill Giants have hidden away?”  — might be a better question, but it has a different focus.

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