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  1. You are welcome.

    The point is: with DW you need to carefully coordinate with your players. You can agree on the theme and on the initial purpose of the party (“I would like to play a game where the party is a bunch of criminals planning an heist”, the write some good initial and world moves, maybe), but you should be ready to have the thing taking another direction at a moment notice, and you need several session to pull it off.

    Fiasco seems perfect to pull it off in a single game.

    And I always recommend Fiasco, it’s a great game!

    Here you can find a “Dragon Slayer” playset full of fantasy tropes: http://www.bullypulpitgames.com/downloads/

    I don’t usually suggest Dragon Slayers as a first-time scenario, but since Fiasco is a very quick game you can try a game or three and then go for it.

    Another great scenario for your idea would be the Planar City of Dis, that you will find in the Planarch Codex: it is a sprawling, multicultural city, where everything is a danger and has rules for create new hibrid races (my father was an orc, my mother a mermaid) and for play a band of freeboter scum, surviving in the alleys of the tentacular (sometimes literally) city.

    Just throw a couple of love letters in it and you are gold ^^

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