Should this be a Compendium Class?

Should this be a Compendium Class?

Should this be a Compendium Class?

I’ve been working up some alignment moves, bonds and a few magic items that are thematically linked. I eventually realized that these could (minus the items perhaps) fall under a Compendium Class (which could actually make sense in this case)…

…the question is, does it make sense to call this grouping a Compendium Class if there are no Advanced Moves to select? I do have an initial move that could be gained when the CC requirement is met, but beyond that it’s just alignment moves and bonds…

When you consider my situation, roll+INT. On any result, choose one. You may also ask Weem a related question and he will answer it honestly.

– Tell Weem to work in some advanced moves so it can fit the mold of a CC

– Tell Weem to simply state a requirement up front that must first be met before selecting the alignment moves and bonds, ignoring the CC mold

– Tell Weem something else below

– Choose not to respond for now

5 thoughts on “Should this be a Compendium Class?”

  1. Compendium classes are al about adding a theme to your character. I heavily treat them as prescriptive and descriptive, not necessarily waiting for a level up for a player to gain access to a new move.

    Whether you call it a compendium class and bend what you’ve got to fit the existing mould, take it as is and call it a cc or a theme pack, don’t be afraid of setting a new precedent.

  2. If what you’ve got would be a good fit as alternate alignments/bonds and moves for an existing class, you could hack together an alternate, which has been done a few times already.

  3. Adrian Thoen Yea, I think that is part of my problem… I find myself wanting to keep things very pure and true to DW form so much so that I get a little squirmy about bending things.

    In this case, I like that term “Theme Pack” as that really describes what this is… it’s a set of things that fit with people who believe a certain thing. Maybe that’s what I should call it and not worry so much about fitting perfectly into the DW box in the areas I am currently concerned about.

    Thanks 😉

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