My daughter plays the Druid, and took this move when she last levelled up:


You see the spirits in the sand, the sea and the stone. You may now apply your spirit tongue, shapeshifting and studied essence to inanimate natural objects (plants and rocks) or creatures made thereof, as well as animals. Thing-talker forms can be exact copies or can be mobile vaguely humanoid-shaped entities.

So, how does this work in actual play? I have no idea!

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  1. You can turn in trees, flowers, grass rocks, boulders, maybe even rivers and ponds, if they belong to your land.

    If you are from the North you can become lichens, if you are from the Sapphire Archipelago you can become a palm tree…

    Our Druid is from the Plains, and once become a populus tree to examine corruption in the soil…

  2. Yeah. Druids are awesome. I’ve watched in bemused horror as a Druid of the Open Sea shifted into a giant spider crab and proceeded to pinch an Ice Witch to death. Another time that same Druid shifted into a rock (after taking the Thing-Talker Advaned Move), had the Bard throw her at a foe, and then shifted into a poisonous snake in mid-air. The poor guy was killed instantly. Pure awesomeness. 😀

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