GMing a game with my home group.

GMing a game with my home group.

GMing a game with my home group. Campaign based on the PCs choosing between conflicting gods. Had a moment of inter party conflict when one player tried to grab an item (scepter) from another. I had them roll against each other with different modifiers based on how they described their move.

roll+str for the fighter trying to grab vs roll+dex for the ranger trying to avoid. It seemed to match the fiction of the fighter grabbing and the ranger ducking out of the way.

Was an in the moment call, and the players seemed OK. Any other suggestions after the fact – hindsight being so much better. Have been thinking of aid, rolling with bond (they didn’t have any) – anything else?

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  1. I had something similar with players fighting over a bucket of fish. I went with the player attempting to grab the bucket making a defy danger roll and letting the opposing player make an interfere roll. Not sure that was the best option but it was spur of the moment and roughly fitted the fiction. It’s a tricky one.

  2. That’s tough, as I think that Dungeon World wasn’t really designed to do PC-on-PC conflict. You could take a page from Apocalypse World though.

    I forget where it is, but there’s a paragraph in Apocalypse World where two PCs simultaneously make Moves and also simultaneously interfere with each other’s Moves. You could do something like that.

    So the Ranger could Defy Danger to get away from the Fighter, while the Fighter rolls+Bond to try and impose a -2 penalty on the Ranger’s DD Move, and the Ranger could roll+Bond to try and impose a -2 penalty on the Fighter’s Aid/Interfere Move. Phew. I wouldn’t go deeper than that though.

    Remember, even if you don’t have Bonds with another PC you can still attempt to Aid/Interfere with them. You’d just roll+0.

  3. My house rule re PC-on-PC interaction is that I let both players roll their Moves (two Defy danger or a H’n’s vs a Defy danger). I then resolve the action of the player with the highest roll while taking into account if possible the result of the action of the other player. Does not work 100% of the time but it does the trick for me.

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