Why i really like the Paladin

When i started with DW the Paladin was the class i wanted to play the most. (i didn’t have access to the Druid at that point)

The Quest ability is really powerful but i am not talking about getting Immunity or a shimering halo – i am talking about the power to influence the game. 

You could just start the game and say “You know what? I quest to Slay Nelerox – the Lich Dragon that is a big blight on the land” and suddenly there is this undead dragon in the game and it will be about slaying that gal! 

Of course the first session should make sure that every player has input into these things but if a GM doesn’t really follow the procedure you have your own tools as a Paladin to get your interests into the game. 

I really like this. I sometimes am really mistrusting of other peoples GMing and having a chance to say “hey GM THIS is what i want in the game” is huge for me. 

Of course the Quest could be ignored by the GM, that is a whole other problem. 

The main problem with dictating the Groups quest is that you are doing it. Bernd Pressler voiced his concerns that the paladins quest would take over the whole group and make the game ONLY about what the Paladin wants so keep that in mind. 

2 thoughts on “#PaladinWeek”

  1. I think this (Paladin taking over the game) is increasingly likely when the Paladin has tunnel vision about the quest, seeing everything other than progress towards his/her goal as a distraction.

    If the quest is not necessarily time sensitive that can help. There are ways to portray that to the Paladin as well. Messages (not necessarily direct) from their god implying other goals that are all part of the grander goal itself, etc. Or even demonstrating that the goal/quest itself is impossible without other steps coming before it… you can’t go right to the dragon, you’ll need help… and this sword… and the guidance of X… and the Light of the Northern Start to find her lair… etc.

    Anyway, just some quick thoughts – all things you already know of course Tim Franzke  😉

  2. In my game at least, the Paladin has been way more likely to dedicate himself to a quest based on the situation rather than vice versa. So it’s less “We’re gonna go do THIS now, because that is my quest!” and more “Oh, we’re doing this now? I QUEST IT”

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