#crowdsource   #PaladinWeek

#crowdsource   #PaladinWeek

#crowdsource   #PaladinWeek  

Paladin of X? 

Right now the human paladin seems a lot like “Paladin of Good” (or maybe justice) 

How about this as a Racial Move: 

Paladin of the Sun

While you are on a quest your weapon emits pure sunlight in a halo around you and even magical protection from sunlight won’t protect the creatures of the night from it. 

Paladin of Nature (by Alex Norris) 

You were chosen by Nature to protect her. When you pray for guidance, even for a moment, and ask “what here offends nature?” the GM will tell you, honestly.

There are hopefully tons of other options. As an inspiration, here are the deity domains of the cleric: 

Healing and Restoration

Bloody Conquest


Knowledge and Hidden Things

The Downtrodden and Forgotten

What Lies Beneath

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  1. Paladin of the Holy Plague

    You forsake traditional armour, instead trusting your rotten and dead skin to defend you:

    When one of your pustules bursts on an unbeliever, the pus burns their skin.

  2. Paladin of the Eye

    The Eye watches over all, and has selected you to be one of its restless guardians. While you are on a quest, you require no sleep. However, should you fail to successfully complete your quest, The Eye shifts its gaze elsewhere, and you lose this ability.

  3. Paladin of the People’s God (playing off the Civilization domain):

    You and your order are popular with the masses. You can always find someone or something in a city, and be reasonably sure it was found through honest means.

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