For anyone near DC…

For anyone near DC…

For anyone near DC…

Originally shared by Scott Acker (SaintAndSinner)

On Saturday October 12th at 10am I’m running a Dungeon World game at DC Gameday.  That is if I can find some interested players.

Dungeon World – The Tower of the Dreaming Demon

Set in Tol Nagrond the last great city of the Eternal Emperor.  You’ll face dangerous enemies, sweeping plots, and treacherous locations as you explore the mysterious tower. Equal parts Sword and Sorcery, Science Fantasy, and Weird Pulp.  Are you ready?

21 thoughts on “For anyone near DC…”

  1. Patrick Smith 

    Its my understanding that you need to give them your full name to get into the building (they will have a list to let people in).  I don’t know why this is but I had to change to my full name to register the game.  

  2. I had to create an entirely new account to actually get my full name on there. Now my old account is still registered for the game, and I can’t get it un-registered.

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