On Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonWorld/comments/1mif55/how_did_you_start_your_campaign/), someone asked how…

On Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonWorld/comments/1mif55/how_did_you_start_your_campaign/), someone asked how…

On Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonWorld/comments/1mif55/how_did_you_start_your_campaign/), someone asked how we’ve started our campaigns, so I shared a favourite of mine.  (I used the same setup with slightly less fantastical elements for a game of Sixth World, too.)

“You’re in the middle of the street. There’s a carriage overturned nearby and two dead horses. Someone is bleeding to death nearby. It is very important that this person does not die. There are people around you, shooting arrows at you. It is obvious they want you to be dead, yourself. Only the ruined carriage is protecting you. It is on fire.”

Who is trying to kill you?

Who is the dying person?

Who paid you to keep them alive?

Where are you?

and, as always, what are you going to do?

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  1. Also, this one, I have used.

    “You stand before the king, the whole court shocked into terrified silence. The King himself is pale. Someone nearby coughs, and the Knight Commander, shifts, scowling, ready for action. The King’s advisor glares at you with a strange look, as if ready to flee.”

    Who sent you to deliver this foul message?

    What is the message you’ve delivered?

    Who will die because of this news?

    What can be done to save them?

    Someone in the crowd is a turncoat – who are they and what advantage have you just given them?

    What does the Knight Commander wish you would do?

    Where is the High Priest? Why are they not present?

    and, of course, what do you do?

  2. And the GM also coughs nervously and starts thumbing through his Pathfinder Adventure Path book for the right Read Aloud passage, but strangely he can’t find it…

  3. Something is always on fire. Never not have things on fire, either literally or metaphorically.

    You are all running from an angry mob of villagers. They’re not necessarily bad people, but something you did or a mistake you made has enraged them enough to chase you. You can escape through the forest ahead, but a small forest fire has started.

    What did each of you do that has upset the villagers?

    Who started the forest fire?

    What will ensure your escape in the forest if you get there?

  4. Thanks for the scenario Adam, it worked a treat. I also added a bunch of new items to the mix – to get the creative juices flowing.

    Looking back, I should have given the scenario first and the items second but with a bit of retro-fitting they worked out too.

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