Hirelings: should they “improve”?

Hirelings: should they “improve”?

Hirelings: should they “improve”?

A player asked me: “What about my hireling? Does he level too?”

That’s a nice question that as far as I know isn’t covered by core rules.

I thought, like, adding a skill point every time the related character level ups could be nice. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Hirelings: should they “improve”?”

  1. When your hireling prevailed despite overwhelming odds, they gain another point to distribute between their skills.

    When you spend time and effort, training with a hireling, they gain 1 point in a skill related to your class.

    Works as custom moves.

  2. Maybe a bit too strong, if you ask me. And kind of pointless. Hirelings are meant to be disposable, right? Every miss result is an opportunity to kill or seriously maim a Hireling. They don’t tend to last long.

    If one is lucky enough to survive an adventure though, then give him all the points you can justify 🙂

  3. I don’t tell them the stats so if I want them to get better they do. 1 point per level works if they have multiple stats. One stat probably makes them too strong to fast… maybe meh

  4. Kasper Brohus  TLDR: Most of time it’s fine. when it’s not I would change it or ignore it.

     Adepts burglars and minstrels are fine unless you bother to keep track of how much money they have. Priests don’t work but I would probably change it to “If your wounds are tended by a priest gain +1 to last breath and heal all your hit points when making camp”  if I ever used one. Protectors I feel take up too much screen time unless you had a small party or they’re directly controlled by the player(which I feel makes them the players property and makes screwing with them a much harder move. (Hard moves can surprise the player but if they leave the player feeling violated something weird is happening)

    trackers and warriors work fine unless you’re OCD

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