Here is the beginnings of my engineer class.

Here is the beginnings of my engineer class.

Here is the beginnings of my engineer class.  I can’t decide if I like the engineer this way or giving him a pack similar to the Angel from Apocalypse World.  Something like “x amount of charges in a day and can do a list of things with it.”  Tell me what you think! 

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  1. have you seen the artificer? similarish, maybe a bit more mad scientisty depending on how you play it but I like that. Also tool kit should be more clear that you get +1 forward on a 7-9

  2. I’m on board with this! If I could make a suggestion, consider include some sabotage and sapper-style abilities, like busting up enemy defenses and setting up traps. It might give you another direction besides “technology!” to work in: Improve your own stuff AND disable someone else’s.

  3. Also most classes have one main move that really codifies them. moves like cast a spell, bend bars lift gates, shapeshift, animal companion and backstab are all keystone moves for their respective classes. This doesn’t have one of those. the last 3 moves could all be it with minor tweaks.  Also this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the bards starting moves are all integral to the class

  4. What I want the engineers thing to be is options, lots of little stuff.  I just have in my mind that the engineer should always be reaching into his pack and pulling out something interesting, thus all of the smaller moves and all the item choices.  I’m going to be adding even more stuff for the engineer to be pulling out with advanced moves, plus some buffing stuff.  Definitely more tweaking to be done.

  5. Charles Persall Maybe it should be more like the spell casting of a wizard, where they have a move that describes how to pull an engineering trick, and then there is a list of engineering tricks that they can learn from other masters. That would keep the basic moves simple while still allowing for a large (possibly ever expanding) number of approaches for the engineer character.

    Maybe some want bombs to throw or weapons to design, but others are more interested in fixing or buffing gear, while others are more interested in tricky debuffing type abilities or clever tools that bypass obstacles.

  6. “X charges per day” is an interesting approach, as it’ll create a class with a fairly conservative playstyle. People will reserve their uses for later, bigger things, so if you’re limiting charges in this style I feel they really need to trigger fairly important moves.

    That said, I’m not that much of a fan of it, as you can never tell how the play is going to go. It might be a single day includes a huge dungeon, and the engineer ends up drained after the first little bit and unable to use his cool stuff. I much prefer a “X until you can rest for a moment” or “the charges last an adventure”, but this former changes the focus of the class to a burst or flurry of activity style, while the latter changes the focus to a permanent usage style. Pretty tough decision, no matter where you go with it!

    For my Alchemist, I ended up saying a batch of potions is enough to last an adventure. That works out well, as the moves to use potions involve dice rolling, so the inherent risk and problems come from the move results, rather than from supply management. I definitely prefer that option.

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