7 thoughts on “Someone asked about ship rules.”

  1. The ship statistics are significantly more complicated than the ones I’ve made for #pirateworld ! If you’re interested, I went with:

    Crew Loyalty

    Ship Damage

    …and that’s it! Everything else is described fictionally (some with tags). Maneuvers, attacks, boarding actions, evasive actions etc. are just rolled with +loyalty. Ships can have debilities (half the crew eaten by sharks? -1 loyalty ongoing), and to be honest, I find that’s more than enough!

    There’s a bug or something with your comments, this post has appeared three times! Your phone, maybe?

    I really like having GM moves available, that’s a nice structure that isn’t too overbearing.

    I admire how much detail you’ve gone into, but my personal preference is definitely for less complicated things!

  2. HI James

    I’ll definitely have a look at yours…  I like the idea of loyalty – a mutiny on the high seas is an excellent threat to any over zealous captain!

    The statistics are based on DW monsters: Armor, Hitpoints and Damage. Player Characters ships have one extra statistic: Maneuverability. 

    Crew is only important for the Mob Fight move when boarding happens: One has to have a rough idea of the size of opposing mobs. The Mob FIght rules are very experimental at this stage.

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