25 thoughts on “Has anybody been using my (VERY unfinished) Princess class?”

  1. Wow that font is really pretty! Sorry this is gonna be kinda long

    •The World is Made of…!

    just an aesthetic note, you can put the tags into 2-3 columns and save a bit of space

    •”Pass up a chance to redeem yourself or to go home.”

    This is dependant more on the GM to give you opportunities to go home or redeem yourself? The other two are great and much more player action oriented. Maybe “Solve a problem without resorting to your royal name”?

    • 6 bonds is the same as the Bard; one of its class defining aspects. However this does seem like a really social oriented class with a lot of bond based moves, so I’m on the fence about this…

    • The “Silk robes (1 weight)” option seems rather obsolete considering the Looks options. Maybe consider Antitoxins or Poultice & Herbs?

    • Nemesis seems like a really fun concept!  Can I suggest adding the tags Wrathful, Chancellor and Faery

    • “Love is a Battle…” mechanically this move is great, fiction wise… well it has potential  get into uncomfortable territory if people RP it in a certain way. I know if someone used this move on me personally, I’d probably ask them to stop : /

    • Influential – You should probably outright state their cost. Like “they now have the cost: Admiration of the princess” for example.

    • Well connected is very powerful, I think you should have to roll for it, and on a miss, the GM gets to tell you how horrible that adventure went 😉

    • I think the princess should have an advanced move to do with Carouse, it seems like a very regal special move ;3c

    • A move wear you disguise yourself as a pauper or the opposite gender would be awesome too

    Thats all I can think of for now just looking at the sheet!

  2. Thanks! Replying to each of these individually…

    • The World is Made of…!

    Oh, I had considered that but then the verbiage of the starting moves would fill considerably less space. But I could probably fill that space with the Nemesis move anyway.

    • “Pass up a chance to redeem yourself or to go home.”

    This was my worry too, but there are a few different alignment moves out there with similar conditions. I’m not sure if it needs changing, but I’ve been thinking on it.

    • 6 bonds

    I did model the amount of bonds off of the Bard. I don’t see this as too much of a problem though.

    • Silk Robes

    Hm. This is true.

    • Yes, I hear you. Thanks for speaking up about this. I’ll definitely include an extra note about consent and how the move should be used and all that.

    • Influential

    Good idea.

    • Well Connected

    Oooh, that is evil. I like that. I am stealing it. 😛

    • Carouse and Princess & the Pauper

    I am stealing these too.

  3. Party Girl

    When you join in the festivities and somebody rolls Carouse, Roll +CHA. On a 10+ you’re the life of the party, whoever is rolling Carouse carries one forward to the Carouse roll. On a 7-9 you partied too hard, in addition to the aid to Carouse take -1 ongoing until your hangover subsides.

  4. A few things:

    -With the unicorn move I would have it say something about naming the unicorn then picking its aspects from the list. Tying names to mechanics may reenforce people feeling like they don’t have much say over its flavor.

    – I would also remove dungeon rations from the defenses list and add armor. Princesses can wear armor too! I would add the potions in with adventuring gear below.

    -Personally I would make it a prince / princess class, but that’s just me.

  5. Kirby Bridges The class is specifically gendered because the archetype that it’s emulating is specifically female. The Princess is meant to invoke the likes of Princess Bubblegum, Dorothy Gale, and Nia Teppelin.

    I see your point on armor, though her load is not enough to bear it. 5 +STR in a class where none of the non-multiclass moves leverage STR isn’t likely to work out well with anything especially heavy in their starting gear.

  6. I gotcha. Not trying to start a weird gender equality thing, just saying that a lot of the moves work for males, too 🙂

    I plan on offering this up for my Dungeon Planet game when it gets more polished. I’ll also have some more critiques now that I’m home and not having to use my phone.

    I think maybe giving her a light option would be OK, something worth 1 armor at least. While I’ve never seen this movie, I thought of this when I thought of a princess in armor:


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