This is my first compendium class.

This is my first compendium class.

This is my first compendium class. Would greatly appreciate some feedback! The Hallow is an artifact in my game that is going to release its energy into someone at some point, which is why they a


When you accept the power of the Hallow, you may take the following move when you level up.

Eldritch Bolt

When you release a part of the Hallow’s power to attack, roll +WIS: *On a 10+, deal your damage plus WIS and choose 1 from the list. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, the Hallow’s energy overwhelms you for a short time, as determined by the GM.

 – The target is severely distracted by eldritch visions

 – The target is psychically wounded as well as physically, +2 damage

 – You become attuned to the eldritch energy now in the creature, +1 forward against that creature

When you have the move Eldritch Bolt, you may choose the following moves when you level up. They now count as class moves.

Eldritch Sense

When you discern realities, you may always ask “What here is from another plane?” regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

Eldritch Knowledge

When you successfully spout lore about something from the Beyond, gain a +1 forward when acting on the answers

Eldritch Empowerment

When you call upon the Hallow in combat, roll +CHA: On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold 1-for-1 to command an enemy you have attacked to do something by using the power of the Hallow. The definition of “something” should be negotiated with the GM.

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  1. I think you may have a point, but this CC could potentially go to any of my characters, and for some WIS would be more valuable than CHA. I could perhaps change the original move so that you get to choose any stat you would like, but that may be a tad overpowered.

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