New Cleric Spells

New Cleric Spells

New Cleric Spells

Have started up on writing new Cleric spells; interested in input, or if people have spells of their own to share.

This expansion of the spell list I intend to use in conjunction with a domain system to force clerics to pick a limited selection of the available spells (ideally, having between 4-5 spells of each level available).  So, I’m not suggesting that I would give clerics access to all of the following.  Also plan to use the domain system to tailor access to divine spells for Rangers/Paladins/Druids based on domains.

Anyway, here are some of the spells I’ve done so far.  Some of them I’ve assigned a level to, but nothing is set in stone.  If any of them are bad, tell me; I won’t cry =D

Regeneration 7 ONGOING

Touch an ally, who loses any hold from this spell, and gains 3 hold.  They may spend one hold to cure 2d8 damage to themselves, or negate one physical debility when it’s gained.

Banish 5

Send a monster in your presence that is not of this world back where it came from.  If the monster is particularly great or powerful, the GM will tell you what conditions have to be met before your spell will work.  Beware, this does not prevent them from finding a way back, and they are unlikely to be pleased with you.

Find the Path ONGOING

While you maintain this spell, you take +2 ongoing to the trailblazer roll when undertaking a perilous journey.  It may also help guide you when you are lost.

Armor of Peace ONGOING

Gain +2 armor ongoing, which ignores piercing, and functions against damage that normally ignores armor.  This spell immediately ends if you take offensive action against any creature, or aid in the offensive action of others.

Alignment Shield ONGOING

You, or an ally touched, gain +2 ongoing to armor against creatures whose alignment is directly opposed to yours.  (good/evil, law/chaos).  The spell may also help guard you against the influence of supernatural creatures of that alignment.  Casting this spell on an ally whose alignment is opposed to yours could have… unpredictable results.

Divine Wrath 9

A monster in your presence who is displeasing to your deity is smote down, taking 3d8 damage which bypasses armor.  This spell is draining, however, and you gain the weak debility.  You may not cast this spell while you have the weak debility.

Antimagic Field 7 ONGOING

All magic in your presence, excluding this spell, is suppressed or snuffed out while you maintain this spell.  The enormous effort in maintaining such contradictory magic is taxing, however, and you gain -1 ongoing to all rolls for the duration.

Righteous Might 7 or 9 ONGOING

You and your equipment double in size as you become a living embodiment of your deity’s power.  If your STR is less than +3, gain +1 ongoing to STR rolls.  In addition, gain +1d4 ongoing to weapon damage, and any weapon you wield gains the forceful tag while you maintain the spell.

Curse ONGOING (see text)

Choose a specific monster known to you, whose existence is displeasing in the eyes of your deity, and bring down a curse upon them.  Tell your GM what the curse is, and he will tell you how long you need to maintain the spell until the curse sets in, as well as what the following list is needed to accomplish it:

* Knowledge of their true name

* A lock of hair, or other body part

* Expensive or rare components.

* A sacrifice.

Once the time and conditions are met, the curse takes effect, and you no longer need to maintain it.

Clear the Mind  7

Touch an ally and choose one of the following:

* Remove one enchantment affecting their mind

* Remove the Stunned OR Confused Debility

* They take +1 forward to their next Discern Realities, Spout Lore or Cast a Spell move.

Fire Shield ONGOING

A shield of divine flame envelops you.  When a creature deals melee damage to you without a reach weapon, it is burned by the flames, and catches on fire if possible.

Bull’s Strength 3 ONGOING

An ally touched takes +1 ongoing to feats of pure strength, and has their load doubled.

Cat’s Grace 3 ONGOING

An ally touched takes +1 ongoing to Defy Danger: DEX and +1 ongoing to armor against ranged attacks.

Bear’s Endurance 3 ONGOING

You or an ally touched takes +1 ongoing to Defy Danger: CON and +1 ongoing to armor against melee attacks.

Restoration 5

Your touch speeds the restoration of an ally.  After a full hour’s rest following this spell, the ally removes one debility of their choice.  They may only remove one debility at a time in this way.

Bless Water 1

Water touched by you becomes infused with the power of your god for a period of 24 hours.  Blessed water placed in a flask, or other breakable container, can be used as a weapon with the thrown tag against undead, and possibly other supernatural creatures.  Such water may have other applications as well.

True Resurrection 9

As Resurrection, but the corpse is not needed, and there are no limitations to how long the creature has been dead.  Be warned: the barriers that must be overcome to bring back a soul which has fully departed the world may be very great indeed.

Spell Shield 5 or 7 ONGOING

Beseech your deity for protection from one specific magic; as long as you maintain the spell, you and all allies within reach of your hand cannot be harmed by that magic.

Mass Healing 5 or 7

All living creatures, allies and monsters, in your presence are healed for 2d8 damage.

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  1. More Cleric Spells

    Summon Divine Servant 9 ONGOING

    When you cast this spell, tell your GM what task you aim to accomplish, and why it is pleasing to your deity; a divine representative of your deity is sent to aid you, and your GM will tell you what additional related task your deity wishes of you.   

       Treat the servant as your character, but with access to only the basic moves.  It has +1 modifier for all stats and HP equal to your level, and acts with the motivation of achieving the two tasks (yours, and the one given by your deity).   Describe what form this creature takes to your GM, choosing 1d6+2 of the following:

    * Increase the modifier of one stat to +2.

    * The servant does 1d10 damage.

    * The servant’s bond to your plane is strong, +2 HP for each level you have.

    * The servant has some useful adaptation.

    * The servant can commune and cast spells.  They may prepare all the same rotes as you, and up to three first level spells from the spells you have access to.  They do not otherwise have access to your spell related moves.

    * The servant has armor 2.

       If you complete both tasks, or act in a way contrary to completing them, the servant departs.  In the latter case, your deity is unlikely to be pleased with you for squandering the gift.  Regardless, this spell will not function more than once for the same task.

    Locate 7? ONGOING

    Uniquely identify a creature, place, or object; while you maintain this spell, you have an exact sense of the distance and direction of what you seek.

    Greater Magic Weapon 5?

    Like magic weapon, except +1d6 damage, and the bearer of the weapon can “discharge” the spell to deal damage normally to a monster that would otherwise be unaffected.

    Remove Poison 3? (not sure of the level; seems it should be low-ish if an antidote only costs 10 coins)

    Touch an ally or monster to remove one poison and its continuing effects.  Damage already done by the poison must be healed by other means.  Truly powerful or unique poisons may be unaffected by this spell.

    Doom 1 ONGOING

    A monster in your presence is marked for death; the next offensive action against that creature takes +1.  You must maintain the spell until the offensive action occurs in order to grant the bonus.

    Heat Metal 3 ONGOING

    One metal object in your presence becomes red-hot and unbearable to touch.

    Dancing Lantern 1 ONGOING

    As light, except it moves where you wish it to on its own, and must be maintained.

    Create Food 5? 7? 9?  maybe ONGOING

    Create a nutritious meal for several creatures and describe it to you GM.  A single casting of this spell provides the equivalent of one ration to each of your allies, but the food disappears after 24 hours if not eaten.  Alternatively, you may maintain this spell during a perilous journey to bypass the quartermaster role, and prevent the need for the party to consume any rations.  If you do so, you may not be the trailblazer or scout.

    Draw Water 1

    Draw pure water from the air, and your other surroundings, into a container; this spell may fail to work in unnaturally dry environments.

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