9 thoughts on “Is this move too “meta” to be clearly understood?”

  1. 1) no but it only clicked for me when I went and looked at some examples. So have some of those….

    2) I assume this is a conpendium class?

    If so not very many of the characters who take it will have H&S moves.

    partially because they’re clearly archery focused but also because there are very few H&S moves

  2. Daniel Kellett

    It’s actually for an alteration (I guess the term used around here is “hack”) for the fighter base class I’m making.  Many of the moves in my “hack” rely explicitly on hack&slash.  Like, I changed Merciless, instead of being +1d4 damage, to:

    When you hack & slash against a foe for whom you feel no pity deal +1d4 damage.

    And my Scent of Blood is now:

    When you deal damage to an enemy, take +1 to your next Hack & Slash against them.

    So, the point of the Archer ability would be to allow these moves and bonuses to apply to Volley as well.

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