14 thoughts on “Got my proof today, doing revisions.”

  1. Love the name!  That thought will make most folks want to stay away but, inevitably, there will be some murderhobos that just cannot restrain themselves!  I’m looking forward to it already!

  2. Alex Norris The DW line is just for Dungeon World, and it’s where I really try to take advantage of what DW does that other rpgs don’t (so DW2 is set on an island that the players don’t get to define, but seeks to make what they say about the rest of the world still matter, and DW3 is all fronts in excruciating detail, and I should probably get those finished shouldn’t I?). They all come with classes and stuff, too.

    The RK series is stuff that works in both Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord, is set on the River Knife, and aside from that, pretty much anything goes. So Evil Wizards in a Cave is a sandbox adventure with a couple quests and a bunch of weirdness buried all over it.

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