Summoner’s Chalk (Weight 0)

Summoner’s Chalk (Weight 0)

Summoner’s Chalk (Weight 0)

This ornate piece of chalk is infused with alchemical reagents and arcane energies of great aid in the construction of summoning circles; it can be used to enhance the casting of Summon Monster (Or other spells, subject to GM).

When you have some uninterrupted time, you may use the chalk to create a summoning circle.  The next time you cast Summon Monster with the aid of the circle, first roll+INT for the quality of your summoning circle; you gain +1 to the roll if you spent a full hour carefully creating the circle, and +2 if you spent 12 hours.  You gain +1 if you create the circle in a place of power.  The spell is then altered depending on the results of your roll:

12+  Your summoning circle is the pinnacle of perfection; take +3 to cast your spell.  If the spell is successful, your monster receives 3 additional choices from the list of options (1d6+3).

10-11 High quality; take +2 to cast the spell.  If the spell is successful, you receive one extra choice from the list of options.

7-9  Serviceable; take +1 to cast the spell.

6-  Your summoning circle is botched, and provides no aid.  Your chalk is wasted.

Each piece of chalk is good for one circle, and each circle for one spell; for this reason, they are often created or found in small bundles of two or three.

4 thoughts on “Summoner’s Chalk (Weight 0)”

  1. I like the general concept but it feels a bit too mechanical for DW. Maybe something like:

    When you spend at least an hour creating a summoning circle with this chalk and then cast Summon Monster, roll+Int.

    On a 10+ hold 3. On a 7-9 hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to add traits to the summoned monster (in addition to the usual 1d6 from the spell itself).

    If you spent at least 12 hours creating the summoning circle, gain +1 hold.

  2. Jared Hunt

    Yeah, you’re right; something like that is much cleaner.  I always end up starting with something more complicated than is necessary.

    The only alteration I would make to your reworking is to make the 12 hour time give +1 to the roll, rather than giving another hold.

    Other than that, I like your rework.

  3. Yeah, that makes sense too. I waffled a bit when I wrote it. The automatic hold seemed like it might contribute more consistency to the move, especially if you add “even if you miss” at the end of the last sentence.

    Either way works. 🙂

  4. I try to stay way from creating  moves and magic items with +1 or +2 to rolls. The balance of the game is to reliant on a -1 to +3 range to add other bonuses in and it’s also just not very interesting.

    Jared’s alternative is more like the sort of thing I would be aiming for. 

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