Grim World Kickstarter Update

Grim World Kickstarter Update

Grim World Kickstarter Update 

$16,000 – Compendium Class:  Hunter 

The Hunt is one of the few organizations left in Grim World that fight back against the darkness.  Someone suggested we expand it into a full compendium class and we loved the idea (thanks Brandon!) .  The Hunter will start as an initiate of the Hunt, but over time they’ll gain access to powerful abilities and resources.  Interested?  Sign up in a Lodge, if you can find one!  They won’t question your methods, just don’t forget the Hunt’s one and only law:  Do less harm than good, or you will be hunted.

Those looking for more compendium classes need only look in the Community Contributions section of the book.  We’ve already gotten a ton of great submissions that should round out your characters and make them nice and creepy.

$18,000 – Dungeon World + Fate Experimental Hack

First mentioned mostly in jest, we weren’t expecting so many to ask for a hack of the two systems.  But here it is!  This is a relatively simple but experimental hack combining Fate elements (like Aspects) and Dungeon World.  It is likely unstable and has a 34% chance to blow up in your face, but it will still be fun and crazy!

$20,000 – New Class:  “The Skirmisher”

A brand new class playbook for both Dungeon World and Fate.  It’s only half baked at this point, but here’s what we’re thinking!  Picture a cross between Brad Pitt (Achilles) in Troy, Legolas, and Grey Worm from Game of Thrones.  These are warriors that live at medium range.  Specializing in weapons like the shield, spear, and warbow, they are a mix of strength and dexterity, dancing in and out of melee range.  More details to come!

But that’s not all, let’s make 20k a BIG goal…

$20,000 – Grim World gets a Creative Commons License

That’s right, if and when we hit this goal, all of the text in Grim World will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0).  AKA the same license Dungeon World and Fate use!  We hope this is a good way of giving back to the community.  The license would go into affect early next year (2014).  Note:  Licensing for Community Contributions will be decided by the submitter.

Phew!  How’s that sound?  We’ve only got 9 days left, so we’ll have to push hard to get these goals unlocked.  Keep spreading the word!

Also, a mini announcement.  We reevaluated the $75 tier and realized it really should have been closer to $65.  But Deanna really wants to do some dang art prints!  So we added a $60 Art Print tier that gets you your choice of the class art as a 8″x10″ art print!  We’ll even make the artist signature and sharpie mustaches optional.  Plus you get everything in the DIGITAL DELUXE and PHYSICAL tiers.

Later in the week, we’ll be showing you more of what’s in the book!  Thanks everybody!

-Trenton and Deanna

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