Someone (I think it may have been Eric Lochstampfor ) mentioned a guide to creating DW magic items.

Someone (I think it may have been Eric Lochstampfor ) mentioned a guide to creating DW magic items.

Someone (I think it may have been Eric Lochstampfor ) mentioned a guide to creating DW magic items. I can’t seem to find any links to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  1. I totally agree. Magic items should never just be about numeric bonuses.

    To be more specific, I’m working on some rules for characters to craft their own items. It’s an important part of Ars Magica and I want to capture the spirit while sticking to the AW/DW principles.

  2. From the Mage playbook:

    ⃞ Enchanter

    When you have time and safety with an item in a place of power, you

    may weave a spell to imbue it with magical power. Describe what kind of

    magic you want to imbue the item with, then roll +INT. On a 10+, choose

    two. On a 7-9, choose one.

    • The enchantment is permanent.

    • The enchantment has no unknown side effects.

    • The enchantment does not have a weird limitation.

    On a miss, the item you made is cursed. The GM will let you know the

    nature of the curse, but only after it is too late.

  3. there was a big discussion about it way back when, around here I think.

    This is what I use;

    Crafting Magic Items

    When you engineer a design for a magical item (weapon, armor, artifact, etc) tell the GM what you aim to accomplish.  The GM will tell you three or four of the following;

    You’ll need to disenchant ________ first.

    You’ll need the aid of __________.

    You’ll need to find some __________ to use.

    It’ll take an especially long time to prepare.

    It’ll be unusually dangerous to craft.

    You’ll need to craft it someplace special.

    When you imbue a crafted item with power spend XP and roll+XP spent.  On a 10+ choose two tags to imbue the item with.  On a 7-9 choose one and the GM will choose one, too. 

    New Tags

    – glamoured (with a thought from the wielder, this item can take on the form of something else)

    – indestructable (the item cannot be destroyed by mortal means)

    – shadow (the item gives off clouds of smoky darkness)

    – energy aura (the item is tangible to ghosts, spirits, etc)

    – holy (the item is imbued with divine power, either generally or specifically)

    – unholy (the item is imbued with energies antithetical to the gods and their works)

    – bane (the item is particularly hateful to creatures of a particular race or creed)

    – defender (the item grants +1 armor)

    – fiery (the item burns with a powerful fire that does not harm the wielder) 

    – icy (the object is fridged and freezing with a cold that does not harm the wielder)

    – lightning (the object is possessed of a powerful electric charge that does not harm the wielder)

    – hurled (the item gains +thrown, no matter the form it takes)

    – thunderous (when struck, the item emits a blast of sound that does not harm the wielder)

    – chaos-born (the item has an unstable form and can destabilize matter around it)

    – lawful (the item is imbued with lawful energy, and gives form to the unformed)

    – wounding (wounds inflicted by the item or in its presence cannot be healed by natural means)

    – light (the item emits a brilliant light) 

  4. Very cool. Thanks Adam Koebel – that’s a lot like what I had in mind. What do you think of expanding on the list of criteria in a more mechanical way with a countdown clock for some or all of the criteria?

    Tim Franzke pointed me to a hack he was working on that included a research countdown that various activities could contribute to. Do you know if anyone has explored that territory with any success?

  5. Crafting items feels like it should be a lot more epic than it actually is. Honestly, it’s a cut-scene after the big adventure to gather materials.  I think it ought to just be a single move, with some costs, etc, and then you get the item and move on!

  6. Jared Hunt sorry, i haven’t seen someone really messing around with Research Countdowns in any way. I mostly wanted to create a more tangible way to interact with long term projects. 

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