I’m designing this Compendium Class for my DW campaign.

I’m designing this Compendium Class for my DW campaign.

I’m designing this Compendium Class for my DW campaign.

Context: Crystal is something extraplanar that randomly spawns over the world, like a plague, originating in each place from an Obelisk. Those Obelisks are actually Waypoints that one can enter and use to exit in other places in the world.

What do you think? My first Compendium Class, be nice 😛

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  1. I would rewrite Crystaltouched like this 

    – something follows you

    You get lost in the crystal realm you don’t get out where you wanted to 

    Getting lost there seems like a hard move. Coming out somwhere different seems like more fun to me. 

    Is the debility of “by crystal sustained” permanent? If yes, it needs to say that. 

    How about “you need to touch a crystal at least once a week or gain a debility” instead? Seems more interenting and less mechanical. 

    One with the reflection 

    is a cool idea but the “once per battle” thing is kind of weird. Is there any fictional reason for this? 

    Maybe deal extra damage when you describe using a reflective surface to attack from there? 

  2. A d4 is quite typical for extra damage. A d6 maybe when it doesn’t come up that often. (but the d4+often option is better in general because it will come up more and change the game)

  3. I reworded the moves, adding this to One with the Crystal:

    When you Volley, use an attack spell or Hack & Slash and describe your attack by using a reflective surface, you can deal  an extra d4 of damage. Any creature killed by such an attack instantly shatters to the ground.

  4. reading it again, it is not really clear to me. Does this basically allow me to scry? Can i read books i own at home with this? Look through time? 

    Might work better with “you can look out of any crystal pathway you personally traveled through” or something like that. Or 

    looking through any reflective surface you can see (but that wouldn’t give you that more options)

  5. The idea is that the Crystal lets you effectively scry anything you wish to see, provided it’s near a reflective surface.

    Since it’s a scry, you can’t use it to interact with stuff, just have a glimpse. I thought about this as a power similar to the Wizard spell that let you see a Grim Portent, only more limited (it’s in real time and requires something, a reflecting surface)

  6. For Wording. 

    “When you look through a crystal waypoint to scry on a place or person you know, roll+WIS. 

    On a hit you can see them through a nearby reflective surface and the GM will tell you an interesting bit of information about the scene.. On a 10+ also ask 1 questions from the Discern Realities list about the situation” 

    This takes away a bit of power but gives you better gameplay. Requiring a crystal waypoint stops this move from beeing a constant go-to option. You can only do it sometimes and you only get limited information. However you can still scry on anything you want. 

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