Announcing:  Community Contributions for the Grim World supplement!

Announcing:  Community Contributions for the Grim World supplement!

Announcing:  Community Contributions for the Grim World supplement!  We’ve gotten a few requests from people wanting to add content to Grim World.  Well now you have a chance to get your work in the digital and physical versions of the book!

This wasn’t something we originally planned to do, but the enthusiasm of those who approached us convinced us to give it a try!  This is purely for fun and we’re still hammering out the exact details, but here’s what we’re thinking…

Content we’re looking for:

– Monsters, magic items (cursed or otherwise), GM fronts, death moves, compendium classes, or even full playbooks

– This content should fit the Grim World theme (dark fantasy, dangerous world, cosmic horror)

What you’ll get:

– Your name next to the content you create

– A link to your website (such as your DriveThruRPG page if you’d like to direct people to buy more of your content)

– Your content can be licensed however you wish (open or otherwise).  You still own your content and can do whatever you want with it.  This is just for fun and to let more people enjoy your work!

– Depending on the type of content and time constraints, there’s a chance your content will receive some art love (such as an icon, portrait, or illustration).

– A free digital version of the finished Grim World book

We’ll select the submissions we think fit Grim World and add them into the book.  We may need to make minor edits (proofreading, book formatting), but you’ll get final approval if we need to change anything.

Submissions deadline is the end of September at the very latest, but the earlier you submit it, the more likely it is to get in.  Let us know if you have any questions or want to submit something:

Grim World is halfway through its kickstarter campaign and there’s more stretch goals on the horizon, so stay tuned!

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