15 thoughts on “Did anyone ever find a good replacement for the Newcomen font for Dungeon World character sheets?”

  1. Copperplate Gothic Light works pretty well, it’s what a bunch of the SA people use (including myself in all of my classes). I’m pretty sure it comes with Office, so won’t require additional spending.

  2. Copperplate Gothic Light looks good, but I much prefer Minion Pro. E.g. just finished Brute:


    (for the full file, see my separate post below!)

    I can’t remember how I got that font, but it was definitely legitimately and free! I think it might have come with an adobe product, I’ll check and see.

    Though I think it looks better, Minion Pro is definitely a pain to format for the headers; it has a standard capitals style, so if you want a larger capital letter at the start of each header you need to change the font size!

  3. Minion Pro is another Adobe font, and it’s the main body font – Newcomen is the one used for the headers, so you can’t really replace it with the same font you use in the body. At the very least, it needs to be a smallcaps font. 😛

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