How should I balance stats for a new class?

How should I balance stats for a new class?

How should I balance stats for a new class? I’m tinkering with a ninja class and I’m wondering how many moves should I devote to each stat. It seems to me that most classes focus on 1-2 max stats, notably the Wizard with just INT.

My actual writeup of the Ninja is based on WIS/DEX, since Ninjas powers come from their uncanny agility and hard mental training.

Should I broaden the stat usage?

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  1. I used a wip ninja class I found online, I just changed a couple stats to better represent the way me and my player see a ninja.

    So our basic move is like:

    Find Your Center

    When you spend some time centering yourself, set your Ninjutsu to your Dex.

    Transformation Technique

    When you disguise yourself as another person spend 1 Ninjutsu and roll +Wis and then disappear from play.  At any time, you may declare a minor NPC to actually be you. *On a 10+, explain what undercover deed you managed to accomplish while in disguise. *On a 7-9, your disguise was compromised at some point – the GM will tell you the consequences.

  2. It looks a lot like a Stunt in “Spirit of The Century”, I really like that and generally see nothing wrong in it. Obviously it should encourage the DM to use a lot of small NPCs, when used, but that’s not a problem at all!

  3. 2 main stats for a class is a good focus. You could have a third in advanced moves if you want, but it’s not really necessary.

    Remember if you are going to have a move that swaps a stat for another on a basic move, give it a good fictional trigger

  4. You may want a quick focus advanced move, like roll WIS to gain 1d4 focus. On a 7-9, you gain the focus but choose 1:

    -Gain the WIS debility (forgot the name).

    -Lose a number of HP equal to twice the Focus gained.

    -You draw unwanted attention to yourself.

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