5 thoughts on “Can a player use Defend on himself?”

  1. Short answer is yes. I suppose technically you could be defending yourself but I envision it more as defending the area you occupy (think of it as holding ground).

    Then when you are attacked you can do any of the options that apply. Directing the attack to yourself probably won’t, but the other options are sound.

    Of course you need someone else for +1 forward…

    You might also be able to position yourself fictionally in a better position and just deal damage.

  2. If someone was simply trying to endure an oncoming attack, that would be more Defy Danger with + Con since the effects of Defend are more focused on actually drawing the attack/damage to yourself.

  3. I could see using it to set up a parry/repost (halve damage and +1 forward), accepting some damage to deliver a more lethal strike.

    For directing the damage to yourself, I could see the GM saying “The goblin king strikes your sword hand, knocking your sword away and severing a finger” and the player saying “I throw up my off hand to block the slash, I’m spending my one defense hold to redirect the damage to my off hand.”

  4. It’s directly in the rules: 

    “Defending yourself is certainly an option. It amounts to giving up on making attacks and just trying to keep yourself safe.”

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