16 thoughts on “Why are the stat bonuses on the sheet not standard? There’s no chart in the book.”

  1. An 8 stat is great for XP generation; I’ve had a couple characters with an 8 dex, and they were the center of attention through failing DD and the GM doing a harm move at least once each session.

  2. Well yeah but mostly you want to get 7-9. It lets you succeed while still generating story complications. If you only care about leveling, and so attempt to constantly fail, you still have to deal with the failures.

  3. Joseph Le May Exactly right, +4 breaks everything. Besides, I like to think about it this way: While 3e (and 4e) is all formulaic and based around algebra, our DW is organic, not at all smooth, and has intentional rough edges. And on a Saturday afternoon,  I prefer my rough edges to my algebra.

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