I’m dropping two RPG newbies into #DungeonWorld this Saturday, and can’t decide on an adventure.

I’m dropping two RPG newbies into #DungeonWorld this Saturday, and can’t decide on an adventure.

I’m dropping two RPG newbies into #DungeonWorld this Saturday, and can’t decide on an adventure. I’ve already run Ungu, Drazhu, Indigo, Dosadaemon and even adapted something from Vornheim. I’m contemplating Purple Worm Graveyard, as it would be less deadly than Sersa Victory ‘s Black Plume Mountain

Does anyone in the tavern have a new favourite module they would recommend? I generally don’t like “starters” (the ones with impressions, etc) as they work better with established players. I need an adventure which will throw them into something exciting but not demand me to improvise as much, as I’ll be explaining rules and encouraging player improvise more.

I bet Grim Portents Zine issue #2 will have something perfect, but after I run this one.

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  1. Yeah, I second Lair of the Unknown. Gives you lots of baked in opportunities to to encourage players to improvise with the ‘questions’ but provides you with a lot of meat to the adventure so you don’t have to improvise yourself if that’s not your bag.

  2. I’ve never played it specifically but tony dowler ‘s stuff is pretty solid. I use the hell out of his microdungeons at various cons.

  3. Wow, I’d never seen that AP! Thanks for posting it. I’m a fan of Village of Homlet for a starter adventure myself. Also, Luke has a beginning Burning Wheel adventure called Trouble in Hochen that I really like. I imagine it could be adapted to DW pretty easily.

  4. Thanks, Tim Franzke! I wasn’t looking for that as much as module recommendations, but I was glad to to be reminded to finally listen to that hangout, and doubly glad to hear Adrian Thoen’s Aussie twang making me feel less alone over here in Los Antipodes.

  5. BTW, I ended up settling on Purple Worm Graveyard, updating/tweaking stats and adding flavour to taste.

    I have added Lair of the Unknown to my Xmas list, though!

  6. Will do, tony dowler! I think I chose it because it’s quirky, busy and will probably suit the minds of the players.

    Also, there’s a good chance they’ll get into a heap of trouble, which makes for a great game.

  7. Mathew Mailer that sounds pretty fun, an could be mixed up with the “bride” being the mayors’ son (for some dudes in distress instead of falling back on damsels) or a prize goat that the village needs!

    Matt Horam good to see another Aussie in the Tavern! We’ll have to have a hangouts game sonetime. Johnstone Metzger does some really great modules with lots if fantastic content, I can recommend his stuff.

  8. I definitely tried to write Lair of the Unknown and Knives in the Dark for the GM who doesn’t want to have to improvise the adventure bits, so they can focus on teaching rules or asking about what the PCs are like. They can require a lot of reading though! I say Knives is a short adventure, but that’s compared to Lair. The Purple Worm Graveyard is much shorter, and also very good. I’ve both played it and run it and both times were really fun.

  9. Today’s session went really well. One of the newbies was 13 and turned up with a full colour character portrait! The other was 16 and didn’t fall in love with RPGs but played well.

    The ranger hung back from the door of the beetle room while the wizard, thief and cleric fought valiantly, eventually shoving a statue enough to escape. From there, blind luck led them straight to the worm cavern, to harvest ivory and cause tremors of impending doom.

    Although the thief spotted the illusionary (illusory?) wall, he went straight to the altar to headbutt the gong and ring the bell. Rat and worm erupted from the walls. The wizard lost a dagger in the maw of the worm, then the cleric cast Fear on the worm, which fled. The ranger stood on the edge of the fresh tunnel to fire on the rat, then the wizard accidentally knocked him in.

    They then finished the rat, the wizard secretly pocketed the gem and they spent the rest of the session spouting lore to harvest mushrooms from the other caverns.

    The bonds and hook questions really helped the group settle into roles and intentions, and Miss 13 is raring to play again. DW really is the best intro system ever.

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