A little something different for #WizardWeek  – a new Hireling!

A little something different for #WizardWeek  – a new Hireling!

A little something different for #WizardWeek  – a new Hireling!


Cults used to be quite common throughout Darkmoor, but since the fall of Mordred, many of the Old Gods and unknowable entities worshipped by cultists have been outlawed, or at least fallen into disrepute. The resulting overflow of aimless cultists has lead to an explosion of (often bizarre) start-up cults, each in direct competition with the next for followers, funds, and prestige.

With novel cults come unfamiliar rules and tenets, which can be all too confusing for the newly initiated. Many cultists are expelled almost as soon as they join a cult, and are ever on the search for a clan that will finally accept them. These individuals usually have to resort to hiring on as dungeon guides, arcane assistants, cheap labour, and as general minions.

Minion Lore – When a cultist aids you to discern realities in a dungeon or other locale that employs cultists, you may opt to take +1 from their aid.

Ritual Attendant – Before attempting to cast a ritual, you may make use of the Cultist’s aid to remove It will require a lot of money OR It’s going to take days/weeks/months from the list of conditions the GM may choose from. Whether or not the ritual is successfully completed, reduce this skill by -1. Once it reaches zero, the cultist is of no more use in ritual casting.

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  1. I love the artwork for this! Making the Ritual move more accessible is also great, I reckon that’s probably my favourite move from DW’s base classes and it’s not used enough!

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