Ritual Observations #WizardWeek

Ritual Observations #WizardWeek

Ritual Observations #WizardWeek  

Ritual is not only one of the strongest tools the wizard has, it’s also the GMs best friend! 

What can be easy or hardly done with a ritual colors your world in a grand way. If lot’s of effects can be done just by spending money and time then this is saying something about your world and about magic. It will feel more like (for example) the forgotten Realms. 

If your rituals involve a lot of pact making and blood-sacrifice then your magic suddenly is much darker, more like in Conan.  

So is this only your decision as a GM? I hope not. 

When the Wizard sits down for his or her first ritual then ask a lot of questions about it. Where does he know this ritual from? Was it taught to him/her or is it improvised? Does it involve a lot of candles and crystals or is it about aligning triangles and ley lines? 

Use these factors to determine how hard a ritual should be and what kind of requirements are matching. 

How hard should a ritual be? This depends on your world. The number of requirements alone will impact how often ritual is used and also how common rituals are in your Dungeon World. 

Anyway; if you really don’t like a particular ritual because of its long-term-consequences then always consider that it can be erratic or not long lasting. Allow your wizards to do amazing things with magic. That is how you are a fan of them. 

Tip for you Wizard Players: if you want to do a particular ritual in the dungeon; ask before what kind of requirements this will have. You are THE Wizard – you should have a pretty good idea. When you want to do a really big effect it will be it’s own quest to get the ingredients etc. If you know before you need them then you actually have the option of going to get them. It also gives the GM some time to think about what this will mean for the world. 

Also, don’t be a jerk about it. Consider the other players at your table and don’t take away all their fun by only ever doing big rituals that solve everything (as if the GM would let you…). If you do then involve everyone in the progress. Get their help, make a plan on what everyones task is etc.