15 thoughts on “How the hell do people handle PVP?”

  1. Thanks for tuning in. Suppose two characters are standing across from each other, and they both want to attack the other while trying to avoid harm. Do they both roll Hack n Slash? Both just deal their damage dice? Does someone (or both) roll Defy Danger? I am confused on what the appropriate moves should be. 

    PVP is the area where just following the fiction seems difficult to me. Looking for some clarity. 

  2. I’ve been thinking about this too. I’m GMing fur two different b groups around the Keep on the Borderlands, and it so happens that both parties might end up on opposing sides very soon…

    If two players were charging at each other, I’d have them both do damage to each other. And then ask: what do you guys do to take the upper hand? Let them make moves, and use mine as fairly as possible.

    Now I’m wondering: opposing rolls of Defy Danger. Bad idea?

  3. THe original source, Apocalypse world suggests that the correct responce for PVP to an attack is to roll +bond to interfear with the attack. Giving the attacker a penalty to their hack & slahs roll.

    Yes it is a little odd as you would have to resolve the defence roll before the attack roll.

  4. Generally, it’s just a question of asking questions, right?  Figuring out what the characters are doing in the fiction and to what end.

    If both players just want to kill each other, it’s rolls for hacking and slashing.  If one player is attacking and the other is trying not to get attacked, it’s a Hack and Slash with an Interfere roll on top.  If both players want to get something at the same time (grab an artifact and run) it’s going to be fictional positioning and maybe Defy Danger (where the Danger isn’t mutually exclusive – you can’t have two rolls where the Danger is “they get it” and then have to untangle from there) with some Interference.

    It all has to flow from the fiction, of course.

  5. Alternately, a custom move might help!

    When you engage another player in melee roll + bonds.  On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one.

    – you deal your damage to them

    – add d6 to your armor against them

    – the GM doesn’t get to make a move

    On a miss, you both take d6 extra damage.

  6. Here’s my custom move:

    When you attack or hinder a non-GM character, roll nothing. The target decides the outcome.

    PVP is thus by consent and occurs only when both parties agree. To quote a recent blog, “There are a whole load of things out there to steal from and beat up and kill that won’t get offended when you do it to them, so go bother them first.”

  7. I dig Homer Thompson’s suggestion. What I did when playing with a bunch of kid’s for an RPG summer camp session at the store where I work was just to call it interfere, but they did try to kill each other while the target was dealing with some other threat, so it made more sense there.

    Honestly, if you want direct violent PVP, this just isn’t the game for it. Discuss what your players want. Are they both okay with violent PVP? Is this what they want out of the game? If Yes to both questions, play a different game. If no to either, resolve it via GM moves.

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