5 thoughts on “The party thief stole a magic bellybutton ring from a sleeping orc.”

  1. Orcs, as near-exclusive carnivores, have atrocious, foul-smelling scat. Small surprise then, that when an alchemist created a Traveler’s Ring, designed to prevent the normal intestinal response to foreign food and unclean drinking water, that the orc who slew him made use of it by placing it as close to the offending organ as possible.

  2. Oh no, the dreaded Hunger Ring… If you put it on, it’ll make you feel hungry all the time. Don’t put it in your ear – or your brain will fill empty all the time!

  3. The wearer of the ring turns into an orc after three days. Three days later he falls into a deep slumber. Three days after the ring is removed (by someone other than the wearer) the wearer wakes up and is returned to his natural form.

  4. It is a ring of vanity. When you wear it, you think you are the most attractive person in the room. This is why the orc put it in his belly. Because he thought he would look more sexy with it on.

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