#WizardWeek The RitualGame

#WizardWeek The RitualGame

#WizardWeek The RitualGame

Here is how the ritual game works:

I will post a ritual a player wizard wants to accomplish. The next person will give it requirements from the list and propose a new ritual.

Ritual: I want to summon the magic sword of the queen so that I can use it as leverage against her!

What are the requirements?

Just as a reminder:

It’s going to take days/weeks/months

First you must __

You’ll need help from __

It will require a lot of money

The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited

You and your allies will risk danger from __

You’ll have to disenchant __ to do it

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  1. – First you must acquire the queen’s emerald ring, in order to make a connection between you and the sword.

    – It’ll cost a lot of money to buy the reagents for the summoning spell, as the sword is protected by several strong wards.

    – It’s going to take days, about 5. The process of breaking the wards is delicate.

    Ritual: I wish to break the seal on the Pyramid of Time!

    What are the requirements?

  2. • You’ll need help from The Cleric, or your local friendly necromancer

    •  They will not be resurrected completely; decaying a little here and there

    •  You risk the danger of angering death himself

    New Ritual: Invoke the Celestial Festival, where stars shower upon the earth, revitalising the barren lands.

  3. First you must climb to the highest mountain and bottle pure starlight

    You will need help from a Druid

    It requires the costly regents 500 coins you and your allies will risk danger from an elemental swarm during the ritual.

    Ritual: I want to summoned Death and ask three questions it must answer truthfully, and then return leaving me and my allies alive.

  4. You will need to sacrifice 3 people of knowledge to death OR you must make a bargain with Death when you have summoned her. 

    Regardless of the option choosen you must answer 3 questions from her truthfully 

  5. – you have to use the ancient teleporting gates set up by the empire of ages as a place of power, and here you have to loudly speak the true name of the location you want to reach

    new ritual

    I want to turn myself in a war-cyborg, with two extra steel arms, blades coming up from anywhere in my body, lightning reflexes, wicked aim, and a fully steel plated skin.

  6. (querry. Is the teleport thing a 

    First you must___ ? Because i am already at a place of power. Saying “yes you have a place but it doesn’T work is kind of mean i think)

  7. •The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited; you will be turned into gold instead

    • It will require a lot of gold

    • You will risk danger from greedy dwarves

    Ritual: Reverse the polymorphism upon the almighty dragon and turn it back into a princess. She’s not going to be very happy about it however. 

  8. – You’ll need help from her husband Ibn Matha, the Broken Prince.

    – Getting him out of his sickbed and to her desert lair will take weeks.

    – You and your allies will risk danger from her clutch of draconic offspring.

    Ritual: I must enchant this galleon to safely sail the seas of hell for seven days and seven nights.

  9. -You will have to swab the entire deck in sulfur to mask the smell of mortals

    -Forbidden infernal runes will need to be researched and inscribed along the hull

    -The spell will expire in exactly 7 days and nights so you’d better hurry!

    Ritual: I want to cast a long term shielding spell over our fortress to protect it from siege weapons.

  10. -You will need to acquire the shield of the first Dwarf King

    -It will take 2 weeks to raise the shield

    -You and your part will risk danger from spirits of chaos and entropy angered by your shields stasis.

    New Ritual:

    I wish to bind an Arch-Angel to this place to serve as my family lines guardian for as long as my family lasts.

  11. It’s going to take weeks, you’ll need help from an Abjurations specialist (And the only one you know from the old alma mater is… oh, dear, didn’t he turn into a lich a few years ago?), and you’ll have disenchant a magical armor or shield or protective amulet of significant power to do it.

    Ritual: I wish to grant myself phenomenal cosmic power! Specifically, the ability to prepare all my spells, and to always cast them as if I had rolled a 12+.

  12. First you must build a small scale model of the fortress from tin

    The model will cost a lot of money

    The effects are limited and unreliable, it will only last as long as the model is not damaged. 

    Ritual: I want to create a mile wide area which is in eternal sunlight.

  13. First you must slaughter all the newborns of Scaf and become a lich (these two are not related)

    You will require the help of Asphaloth; mad demonlords of forbidden secrets and mirrors. He will take a simple pact as payment. 

    New ritual: I want to hide the cleric for 2 weeks from his god. 

  14. This is, in fact, a surprisingly easy modification of the Invisibility spell to do from a place of power, but you and your allies will risk the god’s wrath when those 2 weeks are up.

    Ritual: I want to bind this place of power into my staff, so that I can call upon it for Ritual magic wherever I have it with me.

  15. you first must bind your magics to the staff, so that without it you’re powerless, and you must receive help from the magical spirit that lives inside the place of power you want to bind. They usually aren’t communicative nor helpful.

    new ritual

    I want to enlighten the spark of spell casting in the dumb dwarven fighter!

  16. He has the spark but dwarfs just don’t have the soul for it. You must first transform him permanently into an elf. Otherwise it will take a year of tinkering with his aura. 

    New ritual: I really need a beer right now. 

  17. It will cost a coin and you will need help from either a dwarf or a bartender.


    I want to cause the forest of Dagmoor to become a labyrinth trapping the mad druids inside for one year.

  18. First you must slay a minotaur, and procure its still-beating heart. Then, you’ll need help from someone who knows the forest like the back of their hand. And you’ll be risking danger from the maze-effect spreading outwards: mystical labyrinths by necessity have fuzzy boundaries and a hunger to claim more space into their folds.

    Ritual: I want a a decanter of endless beer.

  19. First you must procure a decanter of the purest mithral.

    Then you must slay ancient water elemental and bind its heart to the decanter.

    New ritual:

    I wish to create a zone around my tower preventing all thieves from approaching within one mile.

  20. First you must destroy the beard of Karnak Damnaz, High King of the Dwarves.

    Then you must ritually slay your party member and claim him before death can.

    New Ritual: I want to transform my party mate into a golem to guard the Heart of The World for all time.

  21. aww come on guys, let’s play this game some more! 😀

    – you’ll need help from the azer soulsmiths to actually forge the body

    – it will cost you A LOT of coins in mithril, the core material your golem has to be to survive such a hostile environment

    – the recipient will run the risk of losing their mind in the ages to come and turn into a mindless robot

    – first you must prove worthy in the eyes of Salgon, the god-king of the nine spheres

    new ritual

    I want a familiar animal with funny powers!

  22. First you need to craft a ball shaped soul container (100 coins). You then will need to capture the animal you want to have as your familiar. 

    You will have to disenchant a magical item whos power you want to duplicate on the animal And it’s going to take a week. 

  23. -First you will need to find/buy 13 magical tomes to contain the magical knowledge before you consume it yourself.

    -If you don’t psionically protect your own psyche, you will pick up some strange mannerisms of your mentor that always used to bother you.

    -You will be weakened by the procedure for 2 weeks.

    Ritual: I want to increase the size of our big warrior friend, like giant-sized big.

  24. -First you must slay a real giant and drain its blood, which you will have to transfuse in the warrior’s body during the ritual.

    – It’s going to take one month for the warrior to reach full size.

    – The best you can do is a lesser version, since the warrior is going to return to its original size one month after he’s grown to full size.

    Ritual: I want to enchant a hammer so that it can summon lightning and thunder whenever it lands a blow.

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