Help me come up with stats for this magical artifact my players grabbed!

Help me come up with stats for this magical artifact my players grabbed!

Help me come up with stats for this magical artifact my players grabbed! I wanted a cursed item with both upsides and downsides. It was pulled off of an extra-planar nightmare-dragon who hates gods and enjoys devouring souls.

Nightmare Wing Cloak (1 weight)

Torn from the flesh of the fallen nightmare lord, Ror’gosh, this sinewy black cape immediately bonds itself to the wearers neck once fastened. 

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  1. I’m going to build off of Jason Ashley and say go with the teleport idea.  Everytime the wearer “opens” a door to the planes to teleport a short distance, something else comes through another door.  It doesn’t have to be in the heroes immediate vicinity at first.  You could build off of it and laugh manically once you can reveal the mess they have made.

  2. Can only be taken off before ten uses, after is part of them and will regrow if cut off. Causes -2 hindrance when acting in the best intentions of others. +1 forward if acting for self interests. After 30 uses check alignment. After 50 uses, unquenchable thirst for souls.

  3. Oh and melts in shadows, auto defy danger rolls on everything physical, and if acting in a way that plays on opponents nightmares, gain 1d8 HP every act until full

  4. When you wear the NIGHTMARE WING CLOAK:

    – You can totally fly and shit

    – When you look into a person’s eyes, you know what god or gods they serve, if any, and what their deepest fear is

    – You look totally badass. Take +1 to any parley with threats or intimidation as leverage, and -2 to any other sort of parley. It’s hard to convince people of your peaceful intentions with the cloak of a blasphemous nightmare-dragon billowing dramatically behind you.

    – The Nightmare Wing cloak is always billowing dramatically behind you, regardless of the direction, or indeed even complete absence of, any prevailing wind.

    – The souls of those devoured by the cloak’s previous owner occasionally whisper disturbing things into your ears, or haunt your dreams. They’re also kind of crazy, what with being half-digested by a nightmare dragon and all. It might be a thing?

    – You can’t take it off until dying.

    – Have fun!

  5. hey, it’s the nightmare dragon!

    When you touch a sleeping individual, roll+CHA. On a hit, you can walk into their dream; on a 7-9, they know you are there.

    When you twist a dream you’re walking into a nightmare, roll+CHA. On a hit, you watch the victim dreaming their worst nightmare. On a 7-9, the next time you sleep, you dream your own worst nightmare too, the gm will tell you what happens to you when you wake up.

  6. While wearing the cloak and no sunlight is visible, you can appear as a things deepest fear, use this fear as leverage for parley.

    When exposed to sunlight you appear ridiculous, you may only use leverage of making people laugh at you.

    You gain the move Dream Walk

    While sleeping in complete darkness you can walk the dreamlands. Roll +cha. 10+ you gain a brief vision of the future ask the gm one question about tomorrow the gm must answer honestly.

    7-9 same as above, but you must answer what is something from your past that is lost forever.

    On a Miss, you may be possesed by an another’s nightmare until you wake

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