Hello my favoritest of communities!

Hello my favoritest of communities!

Hello my favoritest of communities!  Deanna Nygren and I just launched a kickstarter for a brand new Dungeon World supplement called Grim World!


Backing at the DIGITAL tier or higher gets you instant access to 6 class playbooks (plus you get the digital book later on).  There’s lots more information on the page (along with a video full of silly things).  You can also see a preview of the classes here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHBnHNv

I’ll be lurking around these here parts (as I usually do when I should be doing other things) so let me know if I can answer any questions!  We’re excited to finally get this in front of you guys!



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  1. OK, I’ll just put them here, then. I’ll preface my questions by saying the project looks cool, and I think your KS page reads really well!

    1) Why are you going with 8.5×11 when both Dungeon World and Fate are digest sized? Is it for art layout?

    2) Are you married to the title? If I saw that on a shelf, I would assume it was a leftover copy of an early-2000s d20 explosion book.

    3) What’s your anticipated page count? $15 for a PDF only seems high for 6 playbooks and a little setting material.


  2. Adam Drew Thanks!  To answer your questions:

    1) Yep, it’s for the art!  We wanted to do a big full color book to show it off.

    2) Hah!  Honestly, it was what we used in playtests and it just stuck.  It follows the “___ World” naming convention that has somehow become standard (for better or worse).

    3) The page count is a little hard to nail down because some of it depends on how well the kickstarter does (stretch goals and what not).  Our current estimations put it at least the 80+ range (keeping in mind wider pages means fewer).  We’re hoping for more, but that all depends!

  3. Is there any chance of getting a level where you get a non-LE book? I’m very interested in this, and I like hardcopies over PDFs, but I don’t know if I could justify a $50 purchase.

  4. Woo!  What a crazy day.  We’re thrilled to see us reach our goal so soon.  Now we get the chance to deliver more goodness!  We’ll be doing an update tomorrow with announcements!

    Let me try to catchup on some questions:

    Sean Dunstan  and Krusty Wightbred .  So here’s the thing about the books.  There were many factors that contributed to our decision to do only one limited edition book.  

    First and foremost, we had to be realistic about only being a 2 person team.  This won’t be Boldly Games’s last rodeo, we plan to be around in the indie tabletop and video game scene for awhile.  That means we need to start building our reputation for quality.  And in order to that, we have to be sure we’re always delivering the best possible product.  We would rather have one awesome thing than two or more less-than-awesome things.

    Secondly, because our team is 50% designer (me) and 50% artist (Deanna Nygren ), we wanted to do something that was equal parts super cool.  That meant picking a format that presented the art in the best possible way.  Full color was a definite and the wider book meant bigger in-your-face art.

    We explored what it would take to do possibly do a smaller (maybe black and white) book.  Unfortunately, it would mean doing an entirely new layout due to the size change.  Black and White would mean more art time getting the values to look right without color.  It came down to a time issue.  We weren’t 100% sure we could deliver both products to our standards.  So we had to choose.

    Honestly, our biggest concern going into this was the price gap between 15 and 50.   We know it’s not ideal.  We know it’s probably going to be out of some people’s price range (hell I’m not sure I could justify such a thing with our current gaming budget).  But at the end of the day, we chose to do the best product we thought we could deliver.

    So that’s where we are at this moment.  Let’s see how the next couple weeks go.

    Good gravy that got long, sorry!  TLDR:  Unfortunately, we had a hard choice of quality over quantity this time around.

    Ben Jarvis We passively like you too!  How about you buy a random person a cup of coffee and we’ll mug a random person in a Starbuck’s parking lot and then let the universe sort it out.

  5. Oh!  I also wanted to add, when we say “book personalized by the creators”, we mean it.  We want to add more than just signatures.  We want it to feel like we’re driving to your house and hand delivering the special package right to you.  Except less creepy.

    We’ll probably do a survey asking what amount of crazy defacery you want (like:  1.  Just signature.  2. Doodle it up!  3.  Use all the crayons.  4.  I don’t want to be able to read the text.)

     You think Deanna’s art is awesome?  HAH.  I’ve been doing epic stick figure battles since 2nd grade.

  6. Trenton Kennedy I support you choice to made a high quality book in both paper and digital edition, but there is the chance you will make a print friendly edition whitout illustration? I will read Grim World on screen in the luxury illustrated pdf but I dont have a portable file reader so I really need that version so I can use it to really play the game. ^^

  7. I hope to see the Messy tag even in the book. Like the book itself being dirty with blood stain. That could be part of the customization options. Choose one of the following DW tags and we’ll apply it to your book. AH GAWD I WANT THAT.

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