Is there a good “Soldier” base class?

Is there a good “Soldier” base class?

Is there a good “Soldier” base class? I’ve scanned around the internet, and I see a lot of cool classes, but nothing that reflects the particular skills and abilities of a soldier (in the vein of the Black Company or the Malazan marines).

I seem to remember from the Kickstarter there being mention of a “War” supplement coming down the line. Is that something I should be waiting for?

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  1. I was thinking about characters who are less focused on a single weapon and shows of strength (which is how I see a fighter, and could describe some “soldiers”), and more of something that had more to do with the battle-hardened, tactical-minded, supply-oriented, leadership-developing people who fight wars. Someone who would be absolutely amazing at Make Camp, Take Watch, and Undertake a Perilous Journey moves, while still being competent at fighting, following and giving orders, and working well with organized groups.

    A compendium class could work, but with all of the other classes that people have put together, I was a little surprised I hadn’t seen one like this.

  2. I like the training idea! Should I end up needing to make a Soldier class to appease myself, that may be something I throw in… Were you trained as a foot soldier? A heavy? A saboteur? An archer?

  3. Compendium Class

    When you have been a Soldier in the big war 

    Military Experience

    When you Spout Lore about Military Tactics or Logisttics, take +1 forward. 

    Additional Moves

    A Safe Place

    When you set the watch for the night, everyone takes +1 to take watch. (Like the Ranger Move) 

    Band of Brothers

    When you have a group of military henchmen with you they will always follow your orders, no need to roll. 

    Battlefield Awareness 

    When you get to a higher position to overlook the battlefield, ask 1 question from the Discern Realities list. Every ally following your commands based on the answer get +1 forward. 

  4. In the current draft of the war supplement, we do this:

    Provide a soldier “race” that you can choose instead of human or elf or dwarf or whatever. Basically, like the Barbarian, you can be whatever humanoid makes sense but being a soldier really defines you.

    If you have that, you can choose from certain advanced moves as you level up.

    It’s a bit like a compendium class that you can start at first level.

  5. I like it as a compendium class, because it lets you take anyone and press them into service. You can use a sword? Come here. You got arrested for theft? Serve in the military for a reduced sentence. You can waggle your fingers and magic sparks shoot out? We’ve got just the place for you.

    Is there any news on when that war supplement might be available? I’m glad I didn’t imagine it…

  6. We’re ambitious in what we want the war supplement to do, so we don’t want to promise dates. I think i have a new approach on the hardest part that should get us to a beta-worhty point, but we’ll see.

    The delays are from this not being just a bunch of new moves and monsters. We could knock that out no problem. But we’re trying to do something new (at least for us) here, and we want to make sure we nail it.

  7. Ted LeBeau I think the Mage class would work really well to emulate Warren magic use from the Malazan series.  I think a Sharpers would really just be a thrown item with and Area tag, while Cussers are more dangerous and probably deserve a custom move.

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