30 thoughts on “As Wizard week starts next week (YEAH – Wizard Week!)”

  1. Robert Slaughter well, as mentioned in another discussion – spells that we want to have useable on the fly without a place of power, but which do not tread on the toes of other classes. 

  2. I for one want another level 3 damaging spell, an alternative to fireball. The problem is working out a good balance. Fireball is devastating, but due to being an area effect, not tactically effective in every situation. I’d love to see another spell that is equally lacking in universal utility, but in a different way. 

  3. Tim Franzke do you have a link for familiars, or would I be better served with a search?

    Also, I still want a magic system or compendium class all about commanding spirits, a la World of Dungeons wizards.

  4. Ripping from the complete wizard books and quintessential wizard books. Some things I am working in this week:

    Nexus staff –

    summon spells – based on what monsters the wizard has slain

    Cost of rituals when there is no place of power around

    Braided spells,


    A slew of spells

  5. I warn you, I’m so bothered  by those weak damaging spells (and by players who ask them… 😉 ) I’m contributing with my table’s version of chain lightning (2d8, lvl 5), cone of cold (2d10, lvl 7) and meteor swarm (2d12, lvl 9) right from the start just to end this agony.

    Also, Flight.

  6. How fast, how high? What happens when the spell end and you fly? How good can you fly?

    You need to adress at least these things or every player jsut says: “well i fly like superman of course!”

  7. Minor WW related breakthrough:

    I might have found a way to do signature spell!

    Anyway, I would like to see a discussion of using “spell slots” as a resource. Spending spells you already have prepared for effect or leaving your brain empty of some spells by design.

    Btw: I got another sweet idea!

  8. Alessandro Gianni how important is spontaneous casting to you? I can make a cool cha wizard but spon casting is tricky to do with the current spell wordings…

    What do you say? It will be different from the wizard in a lot of ways but will use the same spellcasting move.

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