The “GM’ing the World” panel talk is coming!

The “GM’ing the World” panel talk is coming!

The “GM’ing the World” panel talk is coming! If you are interested in the project, please fill out the form below! There’s only 2 questions and a suggestion box, and you don’t even need to answer both questions 🙂

For those who’d like to join the panel, the hangout will be hosted on Friday the 23rd. We’ll need to find an agreeable time though.

The form is made by Joshua Bailey! Thanks a lot mate!

11 thoughts on “The “GM’ing the World” panel talk is coming!”

  1. I lack the Google-fu to do this, but here’s what I’d like to see:

    Why don’t you run a DW game in Google chat? Record the game. Then, after the game, in the comments field, provide a commentary on what you (the GM) did, the decisions made, and why. The players can try and put themselves in situations based on the questions you get. This way, we’re floating past the whole “theory” thing and actually seeing how this advice gets used in real-time.

  2. This is a great idea but i don’t know how tricky that would be to do. 

    I was actually thinking of running a game with commentary. So deciedly saying the names of the moves. 

  3. Tim Franzke I honestly think that would be one of the most valuable resources for new players/GMs.  The podcasts and hangout/on-air sessions that are available are good for what they are, but are dated and only go so far.

  4. Oh man, great news – I have a Friday off for the first time in forever and it’s the 23rd! Still room left on the panel Tim Franzke Kasper Brohus ? I can make anytime Friday, really.

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